PR & Communications

Marketing Agency? No. We… Communicate You.

PR is at the front for us, not the back. Look around, and you’ll find that PR is an afterthought in Cayman, not the forethought. However, we are also atypical.

The traditional definition of PR is inadequately narrow too. Our whole DNA is based around two key aims. The first is ensuring that you have a defined story, suited to Cayman, aligned with your commercial and growth aspirations, that will act as a platform for communications. The second is a strategy designed to deliver on your aspirations, using the full spectrum of PR, Communications and Marketing tools & channels.

Worth Knowing…

There are a few things you ought to know about us. We are very experienced at communications, but for all of that experience, we are even better at strategy. We know Cayman. We have, within our team, an enviable set of credentials in behavior and influencing. And we know healthcare. How well do we know healthcare?


  • We actually also run Cayman’s fastest growing multispecialty clinic
  • We have collectively 30+ years in healthcare marketing & communications
  • We work at some of the highest levels

It’s amazing that so few organisations have a story or communications strategy and platform actually designed at all, let alone aligned with their aspirations. The true power of getting this right is illustrated by what we are able to achieve. We’re real life, not theoretical. We actually have to be successful for ourselves first. Our health clinic is our test case… our guinea pig. Before all of this, the founder spent 25+ years in senior healthcare marketing and development roles, in both product and service sectors, including advising multimillion and billion dollar organisations on strategy for growth. We’re not boasting at all. We’re just saying we’re time-served, properly trained and knowledgeable in our field

Our Services


Your Story & Growth Strategy

We work with businesses to define their growth aspiration and how their story can drive it. The work goes well beyond just communications but it is the starting point for almost everything.

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Digital Strategy & Web Presence

We’ll help you work out your current digital footprint and then devise a digital strategy that creates the right impact, whilst remaining manageable and adaptable.

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Social Media & Engagement

We are guessing you already know that social media can become all-consuming? It’s a beast that needs taming so that you are owning your story, not just hanging on to its tail!

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Paid Promotion & Advertising

We are highly adept at achieving message delivery at the lowest possible cost, through online advertising, post-boosting and good old-fashioned advertising management in media, journals and more.

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Radio & Video Scripts & Production

Radio and video are highly impactful means of communication, from social media adverts to interviews and radio ads. It’s critical they are done right. We are ‘quite’ experienced in this area (check the portfolio!).

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Written Content Development

An enduring truth to digital strategy is that content is king. It’s important not to confuse quality with volume. Each piece has a purpose but must also be driven through channels. We’ll help you get this right.

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Events & Human Engagement

Utilisation of events is a time-honoured component of effective communications and positioning. Our team has experience of everything from small focus groups to International events for hundreds of opinion leaders.

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Media Engagement & Management

The media tell stories more frequently than anyone. Sometimes they are neutral. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s accurate, sometimes not and sometimes it’s ambiguous anyway. It needs active management.

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Traditional Marketing & Design

Because a picture tells a thousand words, it’s important that you look good across all domains, digital and physical. And that look needs consistency too. We’ve got this.

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