Social Media & Engagement

Social Media Strategy & Management for Growth

Wow can this be an area where people spend enormous time, without having enormous positive effect. We are virtually certain we can save you time, whilst increasing your impact.

Business that own their story tend to lead it, not follow it. They are proactive, not responsive. They ignore noise, unless that noise has implications. They have a mission – to systematically engage an audience in their story in a manner that drives growth.

We’ll take a look at your social media presence and help you work out how it needs to be evolved. It’s part of your digital footprint. We’ll help you put the right platform or ecosystem elements in place and then assist you in monitoring them and feeding them in a manageable way. The key to success is sustainability. Often less is more, especially when it is planned. Your time is a critical commodity in short supply. The necessity is to have the right social media presence but we are guessing your day job is something different. We’ll help you get both done, well.



  • Assessment of social media presence
  • Choice of platform based on purpose & messages
  • Definition of social media strategy
  • Creating your social media map or ecosystem
  • Social media profile design & set up
  • Messaging plans & campaigns
  • Scheduling & release
  • Social footprint monitoring
  • Full spectrum management

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