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We know Cayman. We know Communication.

We say…

“Do Good Things Well”

The genesis of The Grow Group Ltd was moving to Cayman, following a 25+ year career in communications, marketing and healthcare entrepreneurialism, encompassing clinical services, pharma, biotech and medical devices. Each success was built on first defining the aspiration, then the story that supported it and finally the strategy for building that story ‘out there’.

The strength is in aligning a story with a journey to reach a destination. Time and again I have seen this alignment deliver extraordinary results, from the genesis of a new biotech product to the introduction of a disruptive business model.

But strategy is only as good as the insight that underpins it and the team that executes it. The Grow Group is my dream team, one that encompasses an exceptional degree of local insight, significant behavioural expertise, all underpinned by individual technical capabilities. We are also all driven by a passion for what we do and an unwavering commitment to getting it right. Ultimately, it’s an expression of what I felt the next level really looked like…

Andrew Vincent, Owner, Entrepreneur & Strategy Sage

Uniquely Cayman. Healthcare in Motion.

The healthcare ecosystem in Cayman needs understanding. Partly private, partly public, almost entirely insurance-based, and always evolving. Key players, long-standers, by-standers and new players. 3 hospitals in 22 miles. Things that work and some things less so.

Insight, understanding, influence, relationships and the right intentions are all key to success in Cayman healthcare, and critical factors for effective communication.

Real life approach.
Real world performance.

Our home is Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road. It’s also home to the medical clinic that trusts us completely enough to adopt our whole approach.

We took two owner’s aspiration to raise the bar in Cayman, ensured that Integra had a compelling story, and built a robust strategy for communications. Just 12 months later, Integra is one of, if not the, fastest growing clinic in Cayman, loved by its patrons, expanding its facilities and… doing good things very, very well. They are an awesome team and it was a delighted to support their aspiration through what we do best.


Your Story & Growth Strategy

Your Story & Growth Strategy

Your story and your growth are inextricably linked. You need to own it!


Paid Promotion & Advertising

Paid Promotion & Advertising

Because sometimes, you need to guarantee speed, audience and appearance.


Events & Human Engagement

Events & Human Engagement

Not everything is best done digitally. We’ll ensure you make good choices.


Digital Strategy & Web Presence

Digital Strategy & Web Presence

What is your presence & what does it say about you? Does it drive growth?


Radio & Video Scripts & Production

Radio & Video Scripts & Production

We don’t do cheese but we will ensure your message delivers impact.


Media Engagement & Management

Media Engagement & Management

The world over, they can elevate or destroy. Not something to leave to chance!


Social Media & Engagement

Social Media & Engagement

We’ll help you create something productive & sustainable, not overwhelming.


Written Content Development

Written Content Development

We write with purpose, to influence behavior. We are specialists at it.


Traditional Marketing & Design

Traditional Marketing & Design

Because if you are being found then you need to look good too.

Our Amazingly Creative Team

Andrew Vincent

Andrew Vincent

Strategy Sage

25+ years of healthcare brand & business stories, PR, marketing & communications with a history of successful healthcare entrepreneurship & growth

Driven by passion, making a big difference & doing good things well


Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Design Guru

20+ years experience within the design industry across all forms of print and digital media, helping businesses have that crucial visual edge

A keen eye for design and fashion ensuring brands stay on trend


Grace Christian-Welcome

Marketing & Social Maestro


Writing Wiz

Charles Vincent

Social Wingman

Barleigh McCarthy

Friday Virtuoso

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