Radio & Video Scripts & Production

Utilising the Spoken Word Effectively

The spoken word is a powerful force in messaging. However, because it is powerful, it requires much higher sensitivity. In healthcare, that can make the difference between sounding like an ethical provider versus a drug dealer!

We are expert at writing scripts that make a difference. Both radio and video. From a multi-message series of radio adverts, evolved over time, to an urgent video campaign, with a 24-48 hour turnaround time that reached 50% of the population, it’s an area where deliver at a truly higher level.

Like all paid advertising, it is easy to spend lots without getting the right results, or even to waste a small spend because it isn’t sufficient to scratch the surface. Airtime is not the right unit of measurement either, creating difficulties in the learning cycle too. We are used to this and we’ll help you be truly effective whilst always keeping advertising spend in check.



  • Radio & video strategy
  • Script-writing
  • Filming plans
  • People and location choice
  • Sourcing voice over or video participants
  • All onsite work
  • Production, editing & finishing
  • Distribution through media channels

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