Paid Promotion & Advertising

Achieving Impact without Insolvency!

Frequently, the first foray most businesses make with paid advertising is a combination of some last-minute ‘space’ in a magazine and a few experiments with Google AdWords. Frequently it leaves you disillusioned.

We always remember the advertising dilemma that goes “50% of all advertising spend is completely wasted. I just wish I knew which 50%!” Most businesses could benefit from targeted advertising spend. And by benefit, we mean that the net return across these activities outweighs the expenditure and is superior to the next best alternative.

Our goal is to help you make sensible, well-informed choices, get the lowest possible cost of entry, and then effectively monitor impact so that you can make even better choices downstream. It’s that simple, really.



  • Evaluation of messaging for paid-for appropriateness
  • Advertising strategy development
  • Design & creative services
  • Advice on channel choice
  • Media management & negotiation
  • Magazine, journal & newspaper advertising
  • Physical space advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook advertising
  • Other online advertising

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