Written Content Development

Creating & Distributing the Written Word

The pen is mightier than the sword. It’s true, but just like the sword, you can also chop your own arm off if it’s in the wrong hands.

The written word is critical to your story, everything from language to hidden messaging (intentional and accidental) becomes part of your digital and social footprint. It’s also very difficult to get rid of once it is out there, so it really pays to get it right.

From our own in-house writing and journalism here at The Grow Group, to utilising the services of the most qualified freelancers, this is an area we NEVER leave to chance. At Grow, we’ll help you devise a growth-focused, reputation-enhancing content strategy and then manage execution so that it becomes your greatest asset, not your Achilles heel. Simply, we’ll ensure that your content is indeed king!



  • Development of content strategy with the team here at Grow
  • Sourcing the right writer
  • In-house writing & journalism
  • Editing & proof-reading
  • Design services e.g. for white papers
  • News writing
  • Press releases
  • Web & website content
  • Social media content
  • Marketing content
  • White papers & authority pieces
  • Reports & research

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