Your Story & Growth Strategy

The Importance of Story

Every business has a story. And that that story is linked their growth (or decline). Nature teaches us something important about this. In nature, pretty much everything is either growing or dying. Nothing stands still.

The challenge facing most businesses is that they don’t own their own story. It’s a usually the aggregate of experiences, word-of-mouth, mini-stories, posts, media mentions and more that exist ‘out there’, with many more generated by each interaction with your business that intentionally written and released.

The business that understands this basic truism seizes their story and aligns it with their aspirations for growth. It’s the starting point for a whole conversation… with the world (or at least the bit of it that you want to serve). It’s a world you need to understand too, because you can tell it what you want but it has a mind of its own and it isn’t always rational (which is a good thing too, if you know what you are doing).

Helping you define and communicate your story is perhaps the most important thing we do. It influences almost everything else.



  • Defining your growth aspiration
  • Converting that to strategy
  • Identifying your current story
  • Creating the story that delivers the aspiration
  • Correcting misalignment across the business
  • Key messages
  • Multi-message communication platforms
  • Ensuring message consistency

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