Media Engagement & Management

Making the Most of the Media

Relationships with the media and the content they utilise needs careful, sensitive but proactive management. Well-curated relationships that serve both their job of reporting important news and your need for a presence can act very positively for you.

We will ensure you enjoy a productive, mutually respectful relationship with the media, and that your engagement with them is very much part of building your story i.e. purposeful rather than opportunistic. That doesn’t mean we won’t seize opportunities and in fact having a well-crafted communications strategy ensures you are ready for the right opportunities and avoid jumping onto ones that are better left alone.

Effective media management brings together our skills of story strategy, relationship building and content writing. These need to work seamlessly together to have the right effects.



  • Managing media relations
  • Press releases
  • Opinion & influencer pieces
  • Freelance journalism
  • News management
  • Press events
  • Response-writing
  • Briefing packs
  • Translation of technical pieces

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